Grizzly Peak

Route Description

This is an easy beginners ride. It starts up Tunnel Rd. like most rides from Berkeley. Tunnel Rd. climbs steadily at an average 5% grade for about 4 miles. The other easy climb out of town is Spruce Rd. to the North which is a little steeper and shorter than Tunnel Rd. This ride then turns left onto Grizzly Peak and follows the ridge line above Berkeley for 7-8 miles. There are many great views along the way. Finally, the ride descends Euclid. Euclid is a very nice descent from the North. The road is smooth and most of the curves are gentle with the exception of a slick S-turn near the bottom.

Time: 1-1.5 hours
Distance: 16.22 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Climbing: 1856 feet


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Mile 0.00 – Depart Sproul Plaza. Start down Bancroft Ave.
Mile 0.13 – Turn left on Dana St. Cross Durant.
Mile 0.25 – Turn left on Channing Wy. Cross Telegraph and Bowditch.
Mile 0.63 – Turn right on College Ave. Pass Haste.
Mile 0.75 – Turn left on Dwight Wy.
Mile 0.88 – Take second right on Piedmont Ave. Pass through two road barriers.
Mile 1.18 – Turn left on Forrest Ave.
Mile 1.40 – Turn right at T intersection.
Mile 1.48 – Turn left on Gerber, beware the crooked pole.
Mile 1.54 – Turn right onto Claremont Blvd.
Mile 1.68 – Turn left onto Russell.
Mile 1.75 – Forced right turn; pass Domingo Peet’s, go straight across Ashby.
Mile 1.89 – Turn left on El Camino.
Mile 2.22 – Turn left on The Uplands.
Mile 2.40 – Turn right on Tunnel Rd.
Mile 2.85 – Turn left at light onto Caldecott Ln, start climbing.
Mile 3.21 – At crest, make quick left, then right onto Tunnel Rd. A long gradual climb starts here.
Mile 6.34 – Skyline (used to be Tunnel) at Grizzly Peak. The Saturday ride stops up ahead on the left at Sibley Park. For this ride, turn left on Grizzly Peak.
Mile 8.78 – Go straight through stop sign at Claremont. Claremont Ave. is a fast fun descent back to Domingo Peet’s.
Mile 11.79 – Go straight through stop sign at Centenniel. This is another very fast descent into Berkeley.
Mile 13.88 – Turn left onto Euclid Ave. This is the standard descent when returning on Wildcat Canyon.
Mile 15.20 – Watch out for oil in this sweeping left turn.
Mile 15.94 – Turn right on Virginia St. (if you live in that direction).
Mile 16.22 – Spruce and Virginia, end of ride.