About Us

Cal Cycling is a group of full-time students who love to ride bikes. Officially, we are a UC Berkeley Sports Club and we race in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference.

2017 Officers

  • President: Jessica Chen
  • Vice Presidents: Jason Tang
  • Sponsorship Officer: Donald Wu
  • Clothing Officer: Daniel Ho
  • Social Media Officer: Evan Geary
  • Outreach Officer: Nic Jenkins
  • Website Admin: Daniel Ho

Get in touch

The best way to reach us is to message our Facebook Page.

Our sponsors

Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors! Without you we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

A special shout out to The Law Office of Daniel H. Rose, a highly reputable Bay Area personal injury law firm which specializes in representing injured bicyclists, and is a proud sponsor of Cal Cycling and Bike East Bay. Based in San Francisco, their bicycle accident lawyers have successfully represented many U.C. Berkeley students and faculty. They offer to all bicyclists a free no-obligation consultation with a senior attorney.

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