Gravel Routes

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NameMapRide with GPSDifficultyLengthGravel LengthElevation
A quick an easy gravel ride when you just need to procrastinate on homework 🙂
Click hereClick hereEasy15 mi3.4 mi (23%)1950 ft
Ridge Line
Some sweet gravel in the Berkeley hills. 35c+ tires recommended. The only water fountain is at the end of Grizzly Peak Rd. It is a mix of smooth dirt, rough dirt, smooth gravel, and rough gravel.
Click hereClick hereMedium21 mi6.9 mi (33%)2400 ft
Cuatro Ósos
A gravel heavy variant of 3 bears starting and ending at the North Gate. The fourth bear is getting to the top of Grizzly Peak. It has been dubbed Grandpa bear because you'll feel old by the time you summit.
Click hereClick hereHard51 mi12.9 mi (25%)5000 ft
A fair amount of gravel with 2 water fountains. The first one is at the end of Grizzly Peak Rd and the second is at the school at the base of Wildcat Canyon Rd. 35c+ tires recommended
Click hereClick hereMedium26 mi5.5 mi (21%)2,900 ft
A gravel road in good condition with rolling hills. You can turn around at anytime, and there is water at the Tilden Merry Go Round.
Click hereClick hereEasy18 mi9.6 mi (53%)1,750 ft
Half Ridge
This is a shorter and easier version of Ridge Line, the descent from Nimitz way to the valley is the most technical and would be more fun on a MTB.
Click hereClick hereMedium19 mi5.5 mi (29%)1,850 ft