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How to join: Spring 2021

Fall 2021: We are busy planning for Fall 2021, and planning to return in person. If you are a prospective member, feel free to send us an email at to introduce yourself.
Club benefits and the normal roster process are below.

Member Benefits

Cal Cycling Club and Team membership grants you:

  • Access to our team rides and events;
  • Access to the team Slack, where we organize non-regular rides and hang out;
  • The ability to purchase discounted Cal Cycling kit year-round
  • Discounts on CLIF Products and Mike’s Bikes of Berkeley
  • Access to the team tool box, including professional-grade wheel truing tools, torque wrenches, etc.
  • The ability to race in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference as part of the Cal Cycling race team;

Join the Roster

Official Cal Cycling membership goes through Cal Sports Clubs. There’s a small amount of bureaucracy to get through:

  1. Fill out a short information form (Spring 2021 TBA). This is for us so we know something about you!
  2. Join Cal Sport Clubs (free)
    1. Go to the Rec Sports Store and select “Memberships.”
    2. Select “Sports Club Membership,” for duration one semester and select Fall 2020. Add to Cart (cost should be $0), accept any relevant waivers and check-out.
  3. IMLeagues Team Roster (free)
    1. Go to IMLeagues. Click on “Register” and select the green “Register” button
    2. Select the “Cal Sport Clubs” tab in the upper-right. Locate Cal Cycling and select “Request.”
  1. Concussion Training (free, once per career)
    1. The link to the online concussion training is here. This is one of those online trainings, but as someone who’s hit his head 3 times this is super useful.
    2. Take a screenshot of the page that shows a summary when you complete the test. Your Berkeley email and score MUST be visible. Send this screenshot to
    3. Go to IMLeagues. In the Upper-Left corner click “My Forms” and select “SC AT – UCOP Concussion Safety Training” and fill out the date you emailed the concussion training screenshot.
  2. Pay dues through RSF (for Fall 2020: $10, for all members).
    1. Go to the RSF store. At the search bar at the top, search for “Cycling”
    2. Select SC Cycling Fall Dues and check out

Club FAQ

Where do you ride?

Our Saturday 9:30 team rides start at Kroeber Fountain. Usually we start by riding up Tunnel Road. From there, common rides are 3 bears, Redwood-Pinehurst, Grizzly Peak, and Zoo Loop. Suspended during Fall 2020 due to COVID.

What bike do I need to ride?

The bike you have is probably good enough. People come to the club with bikes of all levels, from old steel commuters to out-and-out carbon race bikes. For safety concerns and ride cohesion, your bike, especially the drivetrain and braking mechanisms, need to be well-maintained.

Are helmets required?

Yes, no exceptions. Also note that full face helmets are required for downhill, dual slalom, and super D events.

What else do I need to bring on a ride?

Please bring enough so that you’re self-sufficient in case you have a mechanical and are separated from the group: enough to replace a flat, a multi-tool, sufficient food and clothing for the weather and ride length, and a phone.

Racing FAQ

When do you race?

Cal Cycling races in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference. Fall is mountain season, Spring is road.

How fast do I need to be to race?

In terms of speed and power, there isn’t a minimum requirement to trying out racing, but we will require that all racing members are competent and confident enough to race (for example, in a group for road races) from a safety perspective.

I’m curious about racing, but it seems intimidating. What do I do?

Trust me – we’ve all been there too. Talk to an officer! Lots of us raced for the first time in college, and went through the same things as you.