Mountain Routes

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East Bay Mega Dirt RideHard42 mi5300 ftThis is a long and hilly adventure ride throughout the east bay hills. Expect a long day in the saddle, so come prepared with plenty of food and water. Look out for the great views all over the east bay!Strava
Joaquin Miller ParkMedium23 mi2650 ftThe classic Saturday mtb team ride loop, featuring the best technical terrain of the East Bay. Usually the main trails are ridden from easist to hardest: Big Trees, Cinderella, and Chaparral. Feel free to throw in a lap of Castle Park if you’re feeling adventurous.Strava
Redwood XC LoopMedium23 mi2900 ftThis route begins by descending the east ridge trail in Redwood Regional Park, and takes a steep turn down the Canyon trail before returning with a steep climb up the west ridge. You can also choose to include some trails in Joaquin Miller on your way home. Strava
SmackdownMedium15 mi2600 ftAffectionately known as “Smackdown”, this is a classic Cal Cycling route that certainly packs a punch. A great mix of fun trails and steep climbs makes this a great training ride. This is also one of the best weekday rides – easy to get to, and the sunset views from the aptly names Seaview trail are phenomenal.Strava
TamaranchoMedium10 mi1680 ftTamarancho trails are some of the more challenging in the Bay Area, and tons of fun. Starting in downtown Fairfax, this route climbs to the start of the classic 6-mile loop which includes many technical climbs, a newly-constructed flow trail and many fun descents. This area is owned by the Boy Scouts, so be sure to pay the trail fee ($5, payable online) before you go.Strava
Mill Valley XCMedium22 mi2800 ftFull of excellent ocean views and exciting trails, this is a great loop through Marin. Watch out for hikers though – they are not always the most friendly towards bikes here, so make sure to be extra courteous.Strava
Tilden NorthEasy17 mi2000 ftThis route explores some trails in the northern section of Tilden regional park, including a descent down the Conlon trail which has sweeping views of the bay. Watch out for the cows!Strava
Soquel Demo ForestMedium / Hard23 mi5000 ftSoquel Demo Forest features some of the best trails out there, including the famous flow trail. Demo can get muddy after rain, so wait for a few sunny days before going. But Demo is a must do. Note that there are 3 main trails down: Flow, Braille, and Sawpit. Some people just do 2 laps, but this route includes 3, because, well, why do 2 when you could do 3?Strava