MTB Manager
Laura Treers

Co-leader of Cal Cycling.

Road Manager
Preston Mui

Co-leader of Cal Cycling.

Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering

Laura builds robots and studies dynamics and bio-inspired design. When she’s not in lab she’s probably on her bike or on some hiking or skiing adventure, and is a huge nerd for maps and exploring new routes. She got hooked on road cycling during her sophomore year of undergrad and soon afterwards got her first mountain bike and started racing XC. While she continues to love riding the road, her main race focus has switched to XC mtb, and generally endurance off-road events.

Ph.D. Candidate, Economics

Preston Mui is a relatively new, but passionate cyclist. He originally rode for commuting and leisure but quickly caught the racing bug when he joined Cal Cycling. Primarily a road cyclist, Preston enjoys long endurance rides, learning about structured training, and wide road tires. He carries a small monocular on his frame in case of rare birds.


MTB Sport Director
Patrick Smyth

Road Directeur Sportif
Lucas Bandarkar

Senior, Nuclear Engineering

Senior, Statistics and Data Science

Lucas Bandarkar is originally from the Bay Area and got into cycling from watching the Tour de France over summers when he was small. He’s been riding in some capacity his whole life, although Cal provided his first opportunity to race. He rides road and loves very climb-intensive routes.  Beyond cycling, he loves maps and is also on the Cal Club Tennis team.

Race Director
Felix Rosen

Organizer of the East Bay Hill Climb Series

Senior, Philosophy


Clothing Captain
Alyssa Feinberg

Responsible for all things clothing-related.

Community Captain
Crystal Haryanto

Liaison with community groups and leader of community-oriented activities.

Sophomore, Molecular Environmental Biology

Alyssa joined Cal Cycling as a freshman in her first semester. As a mountain biker she has always ridden with her family on annual trips to the desert but began riding seriously in middle school after joining her town’s local teams. She has raced all four years in high school as well as in races around Colorado. Outside of racing Alyssa has coached young riders through groups like Little Bella’s and Pedaling Minds. Alyssa is excited for more years of racing and riding in Berkeley with Cal Cycling!

Sophomore, Economics, Cognitive Science, minor in Public Policy

From artist to cyclist, the former ballerina traded in her pointe shoes for clip pedals in her second semester of freshman year. Crystal completed the virtual charity Berkeley Hills Road Race as her inaugural race and placed first in fundraising and in her category. Vowing to channel cycling as a philanthropic venture, she has joined World Bicycle Relief as a Youth Leader.

In a show of solidarity to the first HBCU cycling team in the country, she participated in the Fall 2020 Saint Augustine University’s Collegiate Virtual Cycling Race. Of the USAC-permitted 8-event race series, she competed in three races and won first place in all three.

When the snow starts to fall, you’ll find her hitting the slopes of her favorite mountains.

Team Hero

Eleanor Wiseman

Ph.D. Candidate, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Always breaking her equipment with too much power.